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History of the Irish Draught

The history of the Irish draught goes back many hundreds of years descending from the Andalusian Barb which was introduced back in the sixteenth century when Ireland would regularly trade with Spain. However, there is evidence that the oriental influence was present in Ireland prior to direct trade with Spain. The Irish Draught throughout history has been used in many wars, hence the word Draught. The Irish farmers depended on their horses to farm the land, drive to church and go fox hunting on the weekend with any member of the family. The Irish horse was truly bred to be a very versatile horse which would be reliable, cheap to keep and be safe to use around the children.

H.M. the Queen has long admired the Irish Draught and they are still regularly used by the different regiments. The light weight bay Irish Draught Horses are used with King's troop royal artillery, the house hold Calvary use only black Irish Draughts and can be seen regularly at White Hall, and the Windsor Greys can be seen pulling the royal coaches.

Irish Horses Excel in Show Jumping & Eventing

Over the years, the Irish Draught Horse and the Irish Sport Horse have been highly sought after for their amazing jumping ability, soundness, intelligence and marvelous temperament. The Irish horse has been mentioned right back to the Roman times when they were tall, heavy and had the capability to gallop through mud while pulling chariots. Since then, Irish horses have been sold throughout Europe to improve many Warmblood breeds. Irish Thoroughbreds Furioso, Lady killer and Cottage Son are found throughout many highly sought-after Jumper pedigrees.

Today the Irish Sport horse really dominates the international arena, show Jumping, Eventing and the Olympics. The bloodlines of King Of Diamonds, Clover Hill and Sea Crest, just to name a few, are bought and bred to produce the next super star in the ring. Many British Team members are mounted on Irishbreds and will ride nothing less. Custom Made, ridden by David O'Connor, took team gold for America at the 2000 Olympics. Supreme Rock (British ride) competed at the Olympics and other top venues such as Badminton and many other too numerous to mention here. Cruising by Sea Crest is ranked 10th leading show jumper as of '97 and second leading stallion in International Grand Prix Jumping. Sea Crest and Cruising's stock are always highly sought after and fetch high prices to go aboard. It is not only these lines that should take credit. There are many other Irish bloodlines that have continually produced outstanding Jumpers and performers in the ring: Ginger Dick, Laughton, Pride of Shaunlara, Rakish Paddy, Enniskeane Prince. The list is endless.

It is amazing when you consider the numbers of Irish Horses competing at the top end, compared to the higher volumes of European horses, that the Irish horse is ranked in the top ten in the world. Lets continue to spread the word of this truly remarkable animal. Long live the great Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horse!


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