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Manu Fort Farms - Breeding World Class Irish Draught Horses

Irish Draughts

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Blue Rajah
Clover Hill
Crosstown Dancer
Grey Macha
King of Diamonds
Pride Of Shaunlara
Rakish Paddy
Sea Crest
Silver Jasper
Timahoe Heather


Pink Carnation
Roma Blue Wind

Irish Sport Horses

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Famous and Influential Irish Draught Horses

We have compiled a reference section of Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horses that we feel have played a huge role in the developement of the wonderful Irish Draught breed. These stallions have proven themselves in the breeding arena with many of their Irish Draught and Irish Sport horse progeny succeeding in international dressage, eventing and show jumping competitions.

Irish Draught Stallions

Irish Draught Stallion - King of Diamonds

RID King of Diamonds

1962 Chestnut Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 547

King of Diamonds is described in 'The Irish Draught Horse' by Alex Fell as the single best known Irish Draught of modern times. King Of Diamonds is ranked 21st in the world breeding rankings for the period 1992-2001 on the basis of 19 of his progeny, including Rodrigo Pessoa's Special Envoy, John Ledinghams's Millstreet Ruby and Joe Fargis's Mill Pearl.

Clover Hill - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Clover Hill

1973 Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 665

Ranked in 4th place in the world rankings the legendary Irish Draught sire has sired 39 International show jumpers.

Clover Hill spent 22 years of his life at Ringroe Stud in the county of Tipperary, Ireland with his lifetime owner Phillip Heenan. Clover Hill sadly passed away at the grand old age of 24 in 1997.

Clover Hill is one of the 3 most influential and common bloodlines seen today in the modern Irish Draught. Common for good reason as he is one of the most successful sires of all time who produced outstanding top jumpers world wide.

Pride of Shaunlara - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Pride Of Shaunlara

1969 Grey Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 636

Pride Of Shaunlara was very influential on the modern day Irish Draught he is one of the 3 common lines seen today found throughout nearly all Irish Draughts.

A champion himself and sire of many champions too numerous to mention. Pride Of Shaunlara is the sire of many well known RID stallions: Pride Of Toames, King Elvis, Enniskeanne Pride, Enniskeanne Prince, Finbar, Suma's Murphy's Law and many others.

Sea Crest - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Sea Crest

1979 Grey Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 728

Sea Crest is not as common in the purebred Irish Draughts bloodlines as King Of Diamonds, Clover Hill or Pride Of Shaunlara but he is indeed a very valuable performance sire.

Sea Crest himself was a grade A show jumper and sire to the International Grand Prix show jumping Irish Sport horse stallion Cruising, Hoochi Koochi (Spanish team horse at Atlanta Olympics), Nires (Scandinavian jumper champion), Cruiseline ISH Grand Prix mare, and Cruise Forever ISH jumper stallion.

Sea Crest's offspring are highly sought after to go show jumping and fetch top prices worldwide.

Grey Macha - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Grey Macha

1981 Grey Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 746

Grey Macha was winner of the Irish Draught stallion class at the Royal Dublin society show in 1985 and has produced 435 foals who earned 355 show jumping points through 1999.

Over the years he has produced some oustanding show hunters who have won at major shows including Britains well known and repected horse show 'Wembley' in London. Grey Macha has also sired some outstanding RID mares and stallions throughout the world.

Crosstown Dancer - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Crosstown Dancer

1990 Chestnut Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 821

Crosstown Dancer started his show career as a foal and won at the Royal Dublin show.

Crosstown Dancer has been a very successful Irish Draught show jumper over the years in Ireland.

In 1999 with a student from Germany he took up Dressage and together they went onto to win the young riders silver spur for 17-20 year olds. He was also reserve champion ridden hunter at the National Irish Draught show. Decsending from the bloodlines of RID King Of Diamonds and RID Pride of Shaunlara his bloodlines are a proven recipe for successful jumpers.

Timahoe Heather - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Timahoe Heather

1972 Chestnut Irish Draught Stallion
IDHSGB Reg #RID A/139/M/0001

Timahoe Heather is a very rare bloodline desending from the old Woodranger line.

In his day he was used as a hunt horse in Cornwall England and bred his mares in the field. Timahoe Heather was a very traditional old style stallion with a great deal of bone and substance.

There are to date only two RID stallions in the world today directly by Timahoe Heather they are Huntingfield Heathcliffe who stands in Ireland and Huntingfield Proud Tim who stands in the U.S.

Silver Jasper - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Silver Jasper

Grey Irish Draught Stallion
IDHSGB Reg #RID A/730/M/0003

Silver Jasper stood at stud in Cornwall England for many years, he was by Kilmore Heather out of Grange Silver.

Rakish Paddy - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Rakish Paddy

Grey Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 753

Rakish Paddy is a grade A show jumper who stands in Ireland he has sired many top Irish jumpers and fine show stock.

Champion RID Stallion at the Royal Dublin Society Show in 1995; Reserve Champion in 1989, 1991 and 1993.

Blue Rajah - Registered Irish Draught Stallion

RID Blue Rajah

Grey Irish Draught Stallion
IDHS Reg #RID 759

Blue Rajah a champion RID stallion, sire to Touch Of The Blues, Blue Lady and other RID mares and stallions.

Irish Draught Mares

Irish Draught Mare - Pink Carnation

RID Pink Carnation

Grey Irish Draught Mare
IDHS Reg #RID 8539

Pink Carnation was a prolific show mare, she is also the dam to the RID stallion Gortboy who stood in England.

Roma Blue Wind - Registered Irish Draught Mare

RID Roma Blue Wind

1973 Grey Irish Draught Mare
IDHSGB Reg #RID A/730/F/0004

Roma Blue Wind is a champion Hornby premium mare who has won many top titles at the Royal Dublin Show in Ireland and in England at the National Irish Draught breed shows. Over the years she has produced some outstanding RID mares who have gone on to be champions too.


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